Fill Out Our Connection Card

What To Expect When You Come To Engage.

At Engage Church we want you to feel at home.
We know that if this is your first time here,
you might think it will be awkward and that everybody will be staring at you.
Know this! We were all new once too.
We understand. As you walk in,
you will be greeted by our friendly communications volunteers.
With new people coming every week, it sometimes becomes hard to keep track of who is new and who is not. Don’t be afraid to say, “This is my first time here.” Our greeters will make you feel right at home. We have free coffee and snacks and a wonderful kids program. After that, you can sit comfortably in our sanctuary until service starts. Make sure to fill out the Connection Card and turn it into the offering plate or at the Information Desk to receive a complimentary gift from the church.