Our vision, as mandated by the inspired word of God, the Bible, says that we are to be the proverbial hands and feet of Christ. As believers and confessed followers of Jesus, we will not be satisfied with contentment or complacency in the body; we are called to disciple nations and the neighbors next door. If we are truly Christ-like, then we should take our places amongst the “least of these” and show a lost and dying world first, that the only way to live true life is with Jesus as the center.

          Secondly, as Christians we are committed in sharing both the good experiences of life as well as the challenging, relating together through testimonies, friendship, and encouragement. The Bible says the gates of hell will not prevail against us. So let’s bring forth the promises that have already been bought and paid for, and wreak havoc on the enemy through the power of love and the personification of grace, Jesus.
We are the church and are committed to showing the love of Christ to our community and each other. Loving one another and the community is not a suggestion, but a mandate to bringing the principles of the kingdom to earth as it is in heaven. The mission given to us by Christ is not governed by denomination or its members. We, as a church, will be anchored on the rock and the sharing of life, love, and at times, mistakes. We need YOU!

          You are the answer to someone’s prayer. Jesus says to bring to Him all who are tired and He will give them rest. So stop trying to be good enough or worthy of the cause of Christ, you never will. By the blood of Jesus we are made whole. Remember grace is not an adjective or an action, it is a person, and His name is Jesus.
We are an engaging church ready to embrace the journey of life.