As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

As we go through life together, we strongly believe we can help others through prayer. Prayer is a powerful tool and life gets busy for everyone, but we believe we must put prayer at the top of our lists and build that relationship with Jesus. 

Prayer Requests

That the worldly distractions would fall off and seeking God would come first above all else.

Autoimmune condition
Walk with God
Career change
What ministry God has called us to be apart of.
Healing for a sister.
Well being for a family.
Success in a small business
Growth in the church.
Wisdom in our decision to walk with God.
Healing for back pains to stop.
To share the boldness of Christ.
Practice the presence of God.
Healing for my prayer partner.
Strength in the season of motherhood.
Growth and personal relationship with God.
For a speedy recovery and battling fears.
To let go and let God.
Strength , health, and guidance to grow in the word.
To become better at praying for others.
For Jesus to shine down on us filling us with Love and guiding our feet.
For a new christian and their walk with Jesus.
For God to open doors.
Wisdom, direction, strength, and Joy.
Rededicated my life after losing my way and need strength and direction to keep going.
To be a leader for my family.
To not walk in fear.
To lean more into the Lord and his path for me.
Purpose in life.
Sobriety over addiction.
How to serve the Lord.
Spouses career.
Blessings over marriage.
Feeling called to serve but asking for direction on where to serve in the church.
Anger management.
Mother's cancer.
For a sibling and her issues with lying.
To overcome sadness and loneliness.
Growth in my faith.
To overcome addiction.
To not worry what other people think of me and be focused on what God wants.
For generational curses to be broken.
For a family to come together for the children.
For the lost to find Jesus, and the barrier be broken at the front doors.

Restoration of a marriage
Restore a husband's faith.
Healing in back and knees.
For a family to become closer again.
For children to turn back to Jesus.
To be able to permanently adopt a child of the family.
Guidance on a career change.
For a family that lost a loved one.
Wisdom and direction in where we need to be.
Relief for a sister that is very ill.
Peace and strength for Brother and Son.
Financial stability.
For a family member to be able to build their house back.
Wisdom that I am raising my family the way He wants me to.
Comfort for a hurting friend who needs Jesus.
Direction in our relationship and to put God first.
To be able to see my son again.
That my family would start going to church again and makes it a priority in our lives again. 
Breakthrough in our house.
Husbands salvation.
Relationship with a daughter.
For a family to overcome a season of hardship.
For a husband to feel like he is capable of doing what God's plan is.
Relationship with my parents to grow stronger.
To be able to sell our home.
Wisdom and guidance for a future husband and to be able to serve Jesus together.
To not feel lost anymore.
A new relationship and free from abuse for me and my daughter.
To be more on the Lord's path.
The strength to step into the roll God called me to be.
Prayer life.
A healthy new baby.
A relationship with God.
To be more kind.
Our Country.
A close friend to be healed.
To be the best person I can possibly be.
To bring a family back together and be rid of alcohol.
Discipline to read the word.
Better knowledge and understanding 
of Gods word.
Less drama at school.
To find a school and bible college to attend.
Mental health.
Focus in prayer.
Strength to say Yes to what Jesus lays on our hearts.
For a spouses heart to be healed physically. 

Our church growth, leadership, ministries and new ministries.
Wisdom and Vision in our church.
A spouse to find joy in life and let go of the past.
For a marriage to reflect the love of Christ.
For a husband to stay focused on his walk with God.
For a family member to stay Sober.
To stay dedicated on reading my bible more.
For a young family welcoming a new baby soon.
For a child as he awaits a kidney transplant and for that surgery to be perfect with no complications.
Guidance and wisdom to help find my calling in the church.
For a marriage to grow closer to God and convict us of the everyday sins in life.
Healing from ALS.
For a mother who is seeking help and getting better.
For a grandmother and her walk with Jesus.
For direction in how God can use me to teach his word and how to relay that to people and what that may look like.
A family and their well being and walk with Jesus.
A family who lost a child in an accident.
To be able to let go of my anger.
The presence of God in our family.
For a brother & sister in law to find Jesus.
A healthy and happy marriage. 
Renewed strength and passion for God.
Boldness to speak about God.
Health of a husband.
Thyroid cancer.
A Friends battle with cancer and her young family.
For all nieces and nephews to find Jesus.
Relationship with kids and family.
To speak kind words.
World change.
A Very close friends health.
Custody battle.
Ministry opportunities.
A Coworker with brain cancer and finding his relationship with Jesus.
Empathy and purpose.
Prayer and safety for the homeless.
Our community and schools.
Children's challenges in life.
To not be fearful.
To worry less.
For sexual immorality to be gone.
Safety for a niece and a custody struggle to go smoothly.
 Breakthrough from the past and to be able to share my testimony. 

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Engage Night is held every 3rd Wednesday of the month in our fellowship area. Sometimes we venture out and attend a Springfield Cardinals game together! This is a night for fellowship and eating some great food! Each Engage night is a different theme for food so be on the lookout and bring your favorite dish that night!